Virtuous Endeavor Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale 750ml Bottle

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A grain bill of Belgian and German malt combines with dark Belgian candi sugar and rich fruity flavors to create this sweeter version of a Belgian beer. Dubbel has the lowest ABV for the series at 8.4%

ABOUT OUR VIRTUOUS ENDEAVOR SERIES: For nearly 425 years, brewing beer has been central to the lives of Trappist monks who view it as a way to create revenue to support their community and as part of a higher calling. Confluence Brewing Company’s three-beer Virtuous Endeavor Series — featuring Dubbel, Tripel and Quadrupel Ale — was inspired by the care and craftsmanship the Trappists put into the style of beer they still brew today.


8.4% ABV

22 ounce bottle