Special Saison No. 3 Dark Saison Ale 750ml Bottle

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Traditionally Saisons, or Farmhouse Ales, were a welcomed respite from a hard day’s work in the fields. Their dry finish and traditionally low ABV kept workers hydrated and happy. Each farmhouse would brew their own ale giving rise to a vast variety of flavor profiles. With our Special Saison series, we pay homage to that spirit of diversity, albeit with a bit higher ABV. For our 3rd entry into this series we decided to take a walk on the dark side. We crafted this ale with a darker, more robust malt backbone and gave it some teeth with the reserved addition of star anise and coriander. The resulting beer has a rich body, rounded mouth feel, and a refreshingly spiced finish. We hope this beer will provide you a welcomed respite from your work, whatever that may be. 


8% ABV

750ml bottle