Special Saison No. 2 Golden Strong Ale 750ml Bottle

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For centuries, hardworking men and women enjoyed drinking a saison during their midday break on the farm. With 2X the tradition ABV, this saison is best enjoyed at the end of the work day. Inspired by a Belgian favorite, this brew adds the characteristic spiciness and fruity flavors of French saison yeast to the traditional Belgian Golden Strong Ale to create an American hybrid more accurately called a super or special saison. We combined European Pilsner malt with Belgian Abbey malt to create a robust flavor. Belgian candy sugar and dextrose drive the ABV into the double digits while keeping the flavor dry and clean. German Magnum hops deliver bittering while French Strisselspalt hops bring aroma and flavor. The saison yeast contributes its characteristic notes while creating a beer that's dry - yet with plenty of mouthfeel and body - plus a rich texture and a little sweetness.


10% ABV

750ml bottle