Kiano's Cut Rye Barrel Aged Rye DIPA 22 ounce Bottle

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We brew a series of three beers in honor of our family of Eastern Black rhino friends at Blank Park Zoo. Kiano's Cut is a Cedar Ridge Rye barrel-aged version of Ayana's Rye Double IPA. Named for the male Kiano, meaning "full of joy", this beer is packed full of citrus-forward hops, layered over the spicy rye malt base. Three months in the barrel works to punch up the rye character, while adding a touch of heat. The resulting beer weighs in at 9.2% ABV, packing a rhino-sized wallop. Despite their rough exterior, our rhino friends have a softer, artistic side as well. The artwork on this bottle is a reproduction of the actual artwork the family painted for us with their prehensile lip! So raise a glass to these magnificent creatures, and Blank Park's tireless efforts to save them from extinction.


9.1% ABV

22 ounce bottle