Foeder John's Sour Ale 22 ounce Bottle

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It took us some time to break into the sour beer scene but like most things, time makes all the difference. Rather than use the recently popular method of kettle souring, we aged this beer in our 30bbl oak foeder (FOOD-er) letting a naturally acquired lactobacillus culture from our very own brewery do the “souring.” Residual saison yeast from the initial seasoning of the wood tank enhances the complexity. The result of this souring process on our Farmer John’s Multi-Grain Ale is nothing less than spectacular. Refreshingly tart and palate-pleasingly sour, our Foeder John’s Sour Ale is a perfect choice for a hot summer day or, if you’re like us, any day will do!


6.3% ABV

22 ounce bottle