Farmer John's Multi-Grain Ale- Red Wine Barrel Aged W/ Lavender & Brett 22 ounce Bottle

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The multitude of grains in our Farmer John’s Multi-Grain Ale make it a natural playground for secondary fermentation through the transformative powers of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. Conjunctively the subtly sweet flavor of our base beer lends itself well to the layered complexity of lavender. Too nerdy or flowery? Here’s what we did, we took Farmer John’s, added lavender, tossed it into red wine barrels, and added a wild yeast for some tart and funky flavor. The result is an incredibly fun & refreshing beer with notes of cherry pie, freshly cut hay, and of course, lavender. This beer is bottle conditioned with live culture which means it will continue to mature as it ages – even if we don’t!


7.2% ABV

22 ounce bottle