Capital Gold Vienna-Style Lager 4-Pack

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As you first enter the capital city of Iowa and head towards our brewery, it is impossible not to notice the gleaming 23-karat golden dome of the State Capitol Building. Located in Des Moines, an indelible icon of the state, and the city, it’s no wonder we chose to pay tribute with a beer that shines as brightly as that gleaming dome on the hill. This Vienna-Style lager is a classical style, for a classical influence, originating in the capital city of Austria in the mid-1800s. Full-bodied and malty, yet approachable with a honey-like sweetness and just a hint of toasted malt, it’s a brew that satisfies nearly any palate for any occasion. Pour yourself a pint and we're sure you'll agree it's as good as gold! 


5.2% ABV

4-pack of 16 ounce cans