Blue Corn Lager- Tequila Barrel Aged W/ Agave & Guava 22 ounce Bottle

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With the help of our friends at El Mayor®, we were able to acquire a few 100% blue agave reposado tequila barrels. Having previously aged our Blue Corn Lager in their barrels, we knew we wanted to give it another go but this time with a twist. The beer you are holding was racked over pink guava puree and raw organic agave nectar to amplify the characteristics from the tequila flavor still trapped in the oak. Although most of the sugar has fermented out, this beastly 11.16% beer still retains a slight sweetness and finishes with a beautifully complex marriage of pear and guava. Though it might be a combination of fermented blue corn and distilled blue agave, a glass of this beer will leave you anything but blue!


11.2% ABV

22 ounce bottle